How It works:

You as a Seller

Understanding the value of trading and the need to get new customers Gollgi connect you to the "Open Market Network". Gollgi is totally FREE so you can start your business while we keep generate traffic to your business with similar requests from different buyers. We don’t participate in the trade, we don’t take commission and we don’t ask you to submit personal data. It is all about you and your customers.


On the dash board buyer select new request. Describes in three steps what he wants to buy: Product – Brand - Model.
Buyer can add Photo or Document whenever necessary.

Gollgi match Buyer to Seller

Gollgi algorithm matches Buyer requests to Seller by integrating request to: product - brand - model.
Gollgi algorithm calculating best match results, using a new machine learning environment to give sellers best experience with ongoing requests.
Take into account that the better product lists the better results.

Gollgi feeds

Discover what Gollgi Open Market Platform technology can do for your business. Some customers have seen a 40% revenue increase after just 90 days.