Privacy Policy


Gollgi values and respects your privacy and want you to trust that your information is respected while you use our Services (defined below), that is why we will follow the terms set forth below, describing and guiding our treatment of your private information. The terms of the Privacy Policy detailed below form an integral part of the Terms of Use of our Service. All definitions and terms appearing in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning ascribed to them under the Terms of Use, unless context demands otherwise. 

What kind of information do we collect? 

    1. When you register to our Services, we collect your email address, which serves as your username for logging into the Service, your first and last name, and the password you have chosen in an encrypted form (for authentication).  
    2. When you subscribe to a paid Service plan, you will be required to provide Gollgi at least your first and last name, your business name (for sellers), your address, your email address and your phone number. However, your payment details will be provided to a third party that provides Gollgi with payment processing services. Gollgi does not save or store you credit card or other payment information, and it uses a third party service to process the payments, such third party is required to be compatible with the highest standard of payment processing standard, PCI.   
    3. When you provide us with your feedback and inputs, in our dedicated form, there are free text boxes in the form, in which you are free to write anything (while respecting other persons rights and freedoms, and respecting all laws and regulations). Anything you provide through this form will be processed by us according to this policy. 
    4. When Sellers publish information about their business to the public domain, we may, we may use such information such seller and their businesses in our Services.  
    5. If you contact our customer care team, we collect the information you give us during the interaction. 
    1. From other users of our Services - We may receive information about you from other users of our Services, for example, the Rating other users will grant you (as a seller or as a buyer) based on a variety of parameters such as your response time, quality of seller’s service as described, buyer activity and recommendations (i.e., not just placing bids for selling or buying products, but actually participating in such transactions), quality of goods and services, pricing etc. 
    2. From our payment processing subcontractors – we may receive details such as the amount you paid, your contact information and invoicing information, your user identifier in such service or other details that our payment services will provide to us in order to be able to process your subscription requests, and for our accounting purposes.  
    3. From our Marketing subcontractors - We may receive information about you from partners that we use for running advertisement campaigns, for example, if ads are published on third party websites and platforms (in which case they may pass along details on a campaign’s success). 

    When you use our services, we collect information about how you access the Services, which features you’ve used, and how you’ve used them. We collect information about your activity through the Services, for instance how you use them (e.g., your response time, quality of seller’s service as described, buyer activity and recommendations, date and time you logged in, features you’ve been using, pages which have been shown to you, referring webpage address, which browser you are using) as well as your IP address. When you browse Gollgi’s Website, in addition to the above, we also keep your device IP (from which you browsed to the website) – however this IP is kept without association to your identity.  

    You are not required by law to provide us any of the above specified information, but without providing such information, some of the services may not be provided in full, or in some instances (depending on the information that you do not wish to provide) we are not able to provide any of the Services at all. For example, if you do not wish to provide your payment information, we may not provide Services to Sellers that are subject to payment, and if you do not wish to provide us with a valid email address, we are not able to assign an account to you and therefore will not be able to let you use the Services.  

Cookies and other data technologies 

Our Services may use Cookies and data files for its ongoing, proper operation, including the collection of statistical data on the use of it, verification of details, and customization of the Services’ software (the “Software”) to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. Some of the Cookies and data files expire when you close the Software, while others (e.g. personal information customized by you) are saved on your device memory. Cookies and data files contain various information, such as the pages you visited, IP Address, browser type, the period of time you spent in the Software, where you reached the Software from, segments and information you want to see when entering the Software, and more. They are also used so that it won’t be necessary for you to enter your details every time you are revisiting parts of the Software. Some of the information in the cookies and data files may be encrypted, and Gollgi takes reasonable precautions to ensure that only Gollgi’s computers and your device can read and understand the information stored in these files. 

If you do not want that your device will keep cookies and data files, you can avoid this by changing your web browser settings. Blocking data files could lead to you not being able to use some or all of the Software’s services and features. In addition, in most of the operating systems you can delete the data files saved on your computer/device at any time. We suggest that you do so only if you are certain that you do not want the Software to be customized to your preferences.  

What do we do with this information? 

  1. Provide the Services to you; 
  2. Provide you with services related to the Service (i.e., support you or respond to your requests); 
  3. Conduct research and analysis of users’ behavior to improve our services and content (for instance, we may decide to change the look and feel or even substantially modify a given feature based on users’ behavior) and develop new features and services; 
  4.  Improve our Services and offer new services or plans related to the Services; 
  5. Prevent, detect and fight fraud or other illegal or unauthorized activities; 
  6. Create anonymized usage statistics that may be of interest to us; 
  7. To ensure legal compliance – from our side (to legal requirements that apply to us and to our obligations under the Terms of Use, including without limitation, accounting purposes) and from your side (Compliance with laws applicable to you and with the Terms of Use).   

Legal basis for our processing 

The following are the legal basis under which we process your information in the manners specified above: 

  1. Performance of a contract to which you, the data subject, is a party: many of the uses described above are actions that involved processing of your information in order to meet our undertakings to you and respond to your requests and indications within the Services – such as maintain your chosen subscription plan. 
  2. Legitimate interests: We may use your information where we have legitimate interests to do so. For instance, we analyze users’ behavior on our services to continuously improve our offerings, we suggest offers we think might interest you.  
  3. Legal requirements: we process information for fraud detection and other legal purposes (such as accounting regulations). 
  4. Consent: some of the information you provide is based on your agreement and will to provide it, such as the feedback that you provide to us through the dedicated form, expressing your opinions and recommendations regarding the Services. In addition, we may ask you from time to time, through the Service interface, to provide your consent for specific uses. It is your right to withdraw consent at any time, either by contacting our address below, or through dedicated forms available through the Service. 

How we share your information? 

  1. We use third party services to host our website and data base in which your information is stored; 
  2. We use third party services for processing payments, and thus they will receive information connecting you to our Services, payment information related to our services and other information required to connect the transaction to our account with such service provider; 
  3. We use third parties to help us operate and improve our services. These third parties assist us with various tasks, including analytics, customer care, and marketing, advertising, and security operations. 
  4. We use third party service providers to manage our mailing lists and communications, whether through mobile text messaging or via bulk emailing services. 
  5. We may transfer your information if we are involved, whether in whole or in part, in a merger, sale, acquisition, or other form of restructuring or reorganization, as well as in case of dissolution, bankruptcy or other change of ownership or control – to whomever assumes control instead of us on the information, and to the applicable legal authorities as well as legal counsels and other professional counsels involved such as accountants, and other officers of the government or of the applicable judiciary instance. 
  6. We may disclose your information if reasonably necessary: (i) to comply with a legal process, such as a court order, subpoena or search warrant, government / law enforcement investigation or other legal requirements; (ii) to assist in the prevention or detection of crime (subject in each case to applicable law); or (iii) to protect the safety of any person (iv) if disclosure would mitigate our liability in an actual or threatened lawsuit; (v) as necessary to protect our legal rights and legal rights of our users, business partners or other interested parties; (vi) to enforce our agreements with you; and (vii) to investigate, prevent, or take other action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing. 
  7. In certain instances, or for other purposes not mentioned here, we may ask for your consent to share your information with third parties. In such cases we will only share such information subject to your consent. We may use and share non-personal information (meaning information that, by itself, does not identify who you are such as device information, general demographics, general behavioral data, geolocation in de-identified form), under any of the above circumstances.  

Third party services 

Some of the services on the Software may be managed by Gollgi’s commercial partners, such as PayPal. These services are provided using those partners’ computers, rather than Gollgi’s computers. When using these services, some of your device’s details, personal details, or information about you may be collected. The use of this information is subject to those service administrators’ privacy policies, and not Gollgi’s Privacy Policy, and for this reason, we recommend that you also review their privacy policies.  

Third party advertisements 

If any advertisements are shown in the Software, then they are received from the computers of those companies. For the purpose of managing advertisements, these companies use cookies or other files with a unique identifier, which are included in the internet pages, and which are intended to assist the collection of information about the views and use of the Software. The information collected is not used to personally identify you, but is only intended to customize the advertisements you are shown in accordance with your fields of interest. The use of cookies and other files made by these companies is subject to their privacy policies, and not to this Company’s Privacy Policy. If you wish to review the privacy policies of companies advertising on the Software, you can do this through their websites or applications. 

Transfer across boundaries of the information 

Our provision of our Services, involves cross-border data transfers, from any location from which a user may access the Service. For the avoidance of doubt, where the service allows for users to be located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), their personal information is transferred to countries outside of the EEA.  

Our legal bases for performing such transfer across boundaries are: 

  1. Model Clauses: We use standard contract clauses, that are binding standards of processing of personal data committed to contractually by third parties processing information for us and on our behalf, approved by the European Commission. 
  2. Your consent (in the absence of Model Clauses): By using the Service, you agree and understand that your information may be transferred from the EEA or other countries in which you may be using the Services, to other countries outside your own location (including outside the EEA). You agree to such transfer, and you understand that data processed in other countries may be subject to different data protection laws, which may sometimes grant lesser degree of protection that the privacy laws and regulations applicable within the EEA for example. 

How we protect your information 

While Gollgi procures and employs appropriate measures (given that nature of the information, processing activities, purposes of the processing and sensitivity of the information provided) and procedures in order to protect your information and reduce the risk of unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction of such information, these measures and procedures do not ensure absolute security. Therefore, Gollgi does not guarantee that Software services will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the information on the Software. 

Gollgi monitors its systems regularly for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and continuously examines its information processing (including collection and storage) practices to update its physical, technical and organizational security measures. 

In case we have any reason to believe that there is any risk to breach of security, or if we detect such threat or risk, Gollgi may suspend without notification, all or any part of the Services. 

We encourage any user to let Gollgi know immediately if they have any grounds to believe that a security incident happened or whether they think their information is subject to a security breach. For these purposes please contact Gollgi at 

Your rights as a data subject 

We allow all of our users to exercise the following rights with respect to their data, through our Service interface.  

  1. Access/Update/export/disable options. If you believe that the information we hold about you is inaccurate or that we are no longer entitled to use it, and want to request its rectification, deletion or object to its processing, or if you wish to obtain your own copy, you may do so directly within the Service interface. 
  2. Delete your Account. You can stop all information collection and processing and request deletion of all of your information by filling in the applicable form through the Service. If you delete your account, we will not have any information about you and will not be able to re-associate your activity with previous activity. 
  3. Keep in mind, we may reject requests for certain reasons, including if the request is unlawful or if it may infringe on trade secrets or intellectual property or the privacy of another user.  
  4. Also, we may not be able to accommodate certain requests to object to the processing of personal information, where (i) the processing is based on our legitimate interest, in which case we are not obliged to allow portability of the information; (ii) the processing is based on our need to perform our contract with you, in which case we are not obliged to allow the right to object to the processing of the information.  
  5. In certain countries, you have a right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority in charge of data protection, in case you think that we are breaching any of your right relating to your personal data. The complaint may be lodged at the country which is your place of residence, your place of work or place of the alleged infringement.   

How long we retain your information 

Gollgi keeps your personal information only as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes (as laid out in Section “What do we do with this information?) and as permitted by applicable law.  

We delete or anonymize your information until the lapse of 14 days following the deletion of your account, unless: 

  1. We must keep it to comply with applicable law; 
  2. We must keep it to evidence our compliance with applicable law (for instance, records of consents to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other similar consents are kept for five years);  
  3. There is an outstanding issue, claim or dispute requiring us to keep the relevant information until it is resolved; or 
  4. The information must be kept for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention and enhancing users' safety and security. For example, information may need to be kept to prevent a user who was banned for unsafe behavior or security incidents from opening a new account.  


Our services are restricted to users who are 16 years of age or older. We do not permit users under the age of 16 to use the Services and we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 16.  

Changes to the policy 

Gollgi may change from time to time the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If material changes are made in this Policy, in the provisions dealing with the use of personal information provided by you, then a notice regarding this matter will be published on the Service interface. 

How to contact us 

For any concern or question relating to this privacy policy, please visit our Contact Us page or email us at