cheapest accountant for freelancers

As a freelancer do I need an accountant ?

25 Dec 2016
cheapest accountant for freelancers

Many freelancers are convinced that their small business does not need an accountant. Moreover, a lot of self-employed workers do not have accountants either because they do not want to pay for this service or because they think that they can face bureaucracy alone. Actually, these are people who do know how the system works and who get by pretty well without the help of accountants, but is it the case for all the freelancers? And should you take the risk to manage your finances alone?

You can save money by managing your finances alone only if you have sufficient knowledge on tax law otherwise we highly recommend to hire a competent accountant that is specialised in bookkeeping for freelancers.

The reasons why freelancers also need accountants:

1. Most of the time only accountants know how to reduce fiscal pressure

If you are a new freelancer, you will never know how all the tricks to reduce fiscal pressure work. You will constantly discover another rule that could save you money, and this will irritate you. Tax laws are complex and demand experience and expertise to be understood. First of all, when you begin, you have to figure out which status will suit you most. You can discover after two years of more that your status is not the best for you. It happens a lot to freelancers. Furthermore, only accountants can tell you exactly which business expenses are deductible.These are also many tax loopholes that only accountants and lawyers know. 

2. Hiring an accountant is a time-saving solution 

Accounting and bookkeeping are time-consuming. Time is money, so you'd better hire an accountant to save precious time. You do not know how much time you need to produce an annual report as long as you do not do it. You should give this grunt work to a professional. It is better to hire an accountant that manage your finances monthly instead of struggling during a whole month to issue a report. 

3. Software cannot replace accountants

If you have an accounting software, you might be tempted to avoid paying for an accountant, but these software packages cannot advise you properly on how to reduce fiscal pressure. Only professionals will be able to help you for that.

4. A good accountant will save you money

If you hire a good accountant, you will be able to pay fewer taxes (or at least you will be sure that you do not overpay for taxes). He or she will also ensure you pay your taxes on time and avoid problems with the employees of the tax service. A good accountant will make sure that you will not pay fines and penalties that can wreak havoc on your budget.  

5. These are many accountants that charge cheap fees from freelancers

Accounting services will not break your bank if you are a freelancer and if you let us help you find a cheap accountant. 


How can I find the cheapest accountants for my small business?

If you want to find the cheapest accountant for freelancers you can use our shopping search engine. You just have to fill a single-page form to receive quotes from up to 30 accountants per request. Once you spot the best offer you can chat with the accountant and close a deal that fits your budget.