Roller banners at the lowest price, price compare roller banners

Buying guide for roller banners

25 Dec 2016
Roller banners at the lowest price, price compare roller banners

Roller banners can have a positive impact on your business, and it can at least enhance the exposure of your work in special events. A beautiful booth with attractive banners will grab the attention of the greatest number of people. Banners can be used for indoor or outdoor events. Choosing a roller banner should be done according to the place of the exhibition, the kind of event in which the placard will be used, and obviously according to your budget.


Which kind of buyers should I use?

PVC and vinyl banners

Most of the banners are done in PVC (polyvinyl chloride). There is no difference between vinyl and PVC banners. They are both made of the same material. PVC banners are considered as upscale banners because of the quality of their material and also because of their refined look. If you want to protect a bit more your banner you can laminate it. Vinyl banners are waterproof, and they also offer an excellent price-quality ratio.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are considered as more efficient than the other types of placards in windy conditions. Indeed, the wind passes through these flags, and this prevents the tearing of the paper, as a matter of fact, you should prefer mesh banners for outdoor events. 

Canvas banners

As the name suggests, canvas banners are indoor banners that look like canvas. They can be used for art exhibitions for instance.

The shape of the roller banners

Roller banners are vertical. They are also called retractable banners. You can choose the shape of your banners according to the layout of your stand. Banners can come in many forms.

Which size of banners should I opt for?

You have to choose the size of your banners according to your activity and your aim. 

For Artwork:  Artwork size should be 800/850mm x 2,100mm high. It is the minimum that should be ordered to be sure that the artwork will be visible enough.

For banner stands: For fairs, banners should be as long as possible so that your business can be visible. Banners for fair should be 2000mm x 800mm or 2000mm x 1200mm or 2000mm x 1500mm. The longer the banner, the more you will attract the attention of the bystanders. The length of the placard will also have an impact on the price. Longer banners are more expensive but sometimes it is worth it to pay a bit more to increase one's visibility. 

Note that some companies customise the size of your banners. It can be interesting for special projects which demand precise sizing.


.Instructions to receive an accurate quote:

Write your request here. Make sure that you specify the dimensions needed and the kind of banner. You should also tell the sellers for which occasion you need the placard so that they can guide you. Furthermore, we advise you to upload a document that is ready to be printed.