one way car hire

Find a one way car hire within Europe

25 Dec 2016
one way car hire

If you planned to visit several European countries with a car you can opt for a one-way car hire. It is possible to book a one-way car hire which includes the pick-up and the return of the rented vehicle within the same country or in different countries. It is quite easy to find a one way car hire within Europe but you have to take few parameters into consideration before booking.

      • Define your trip. Which countries do you want to visit and how far they are one from another? You have to ask yourself this question before booking for a one-way car rental given that you might not be able to return the leased car wherever you want. The number of places in which you can return the vehicle is always limited.
      • Estimate the fuel cost for your trip. How much fuel will you need for your whole journey? You can get a clearer picture of the actual price by using a fuel cost calculator. Google Maps rolled out a fuel calculator in 2011 but unfortunately this option is not available anymore. However, you can use the website for estimating the price you will have to pay for fuel. Knowing beforehand how much the fuel will cost you can help you redefining your trip according to your budget.
      • Check the motorway fees that you will have to pay. It is important for you to know how much it will cost you to cross the countries that you want to visit. In order to cross Europe with your leased car, you will have to pay motorway fees several times. Highway tolls can be pricey so you should figure out in advance how many toll charging areas you will have to go through. You might need to find a toll calculator online in order to get an estimate of the price. For France for instance, you can browse the website for receiving an estimate of the tolls that you will have to pay. You can also check beforehand the alternatives routes in order to avoid as much as toll charging areas as possible but it might increase the length of your journeys.

With us on Gollgi, rental companies tailor their offer according to your request made on our website and this way you can easily find a one way care hire deal that suits your budget.