apartments for rent

How can I facilitate my search for apartments for rent ?

25 Dec 2016
apartments for rent

Looking for an apartment can be wearisome. With the appearance of websites such as Airbnb which match landowners and apartment tenants with renters who mostly look for a short-term rental, it seems that it will be more and more difficult to find long-term rentals.

Many people fear that they will have to move from one apartment to another every few months. This is for sure not a reassuring idea, but we are still far from this nomad life scenario since several cities have already voted laws which limit the services of Airbnb and other hospitality exchange services. In Berlin, landowners and apartment tenants can rent only rooms and not entire apartments except via Airbnb (if it is for more than two months); otherwise, they face hefty fines. In San Francisco, the landowners can rent their entire homes via Airbnb up to 90 days per year. They can still rent rooms all year long. The aim of these Laws is to protect affordable housing.

In big cities, more and more apartments are used for short-term rentals, especially for hosting tourists. This creates tension with some locals who fear the rising prices of flats. 

Rents are on the rise in almost all the large cities of the world and the demand for apartments is high almost everywhere so how is it possible to find apartments for rent at a fair price nowadays?

 . Use the internet

The digital revolution has brought companies such as Airbnb which exacerbated a bit more housing shortage in several cities, but you can also use the internet to find fair announcements for long-term rentals. You need to check announcements every day to find some exciting offers; however, it can be tiring. You can facilitate your search for apartments with Gollgi. Indeed, you have the possibility to put a bid on our platform, and then you just have to wait for replies from interested landowners.

. Post your request on social media 

Social media can be very useful when you are looking for an apartment. It is a good way to inform your relatives that you want to rent a new place. Some of your relatives can tag you or send you links to relevant offers. Just do not forget to provide your budget and your expectations. It might help.

. Use networking

Instead of searching alone for an apartment you can ask your relatives to help you. You probably know some well-connected people who can help you find an apartment for rent. Looking for an apartment can be exhausting and asking for help is a good way to facilitate your search. 

In a nutshell, although it seems to be harder to find an apartment for rent at a fair price nowadays because of the high demand and the appearance of companies such as Airbnb which exacerbated the housing shortage you can still profit from the digital revolution to get your pawns on an affordable apartment. You have to be organised, and you should not hesitate to ask for help. However you will also need some luck, it might help.