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How can I find a reliable and skillful handyman ?

25 Dec 2016
skilled handyman

There is nothing more annoying than a problem with a door lock or with a pipe. You probably all know this stressful situation when you need to find a skilled and reliable handyman who will not con you. But are these fears that justified ? These are definitely many reliable handymen and not all the handymen want to con you. These are a lot of honest journeymen who like their job and who want to help their customers without overcharging them. Bad experiences with handymen should not be a reason to loose confidence in all the men and women of the profession.

Most of the time we need handymen for minor household repairs. These repairs sometimes can be made by us, and for this reason, some handymen are willing to do the work in exchange for some reasonable fees. You still want to know how to avoid pitfalls when hiring a handyman and how to find the ultimate reliable handyman.

Tips to find a reliable handyman:

  • Word of mouth is the best way to find a good handyperson. You probably do not trust blindly in ads from handymen, but you probably believe your friends and relatives. Ask them if they know somebody on whom you can rely on. They surely have someone that they can recommend.
  • Choose a handyman who provides binding quotes. If you can hire a handy worker at a fair price who commits not to change the price once arrived at your house you should jump at this chance.
  • Talk with potential handymen and check if they are willing to give you some tips to solve the problem by yourself. Most of the time tradesmen who offer pieces of advice are the good guys that you want to hire. 
  • Naturally, you should also check if the handyman you are about to hire has a good reputation online. If it is not the case, you might demand him some guarantees.
  • Manage to receive as many quotes as possible to find out how much the repair will cost you. Sometimes, the price of the repair can vary considerably from one handyman to another. This is the reason why you should always consult offers from as many professionals as possible. On Gollgi, we match you with a broad range of handymen who live next to you and this way we allow you to enhance your chance to find the reliable tradesman that you need.