top notch website developers

How to find the right website developers for your site ?

25 Dec 2016
top notch website developers

There is a high demand nowadays for top notch website developers. If you want to build a good application or a website you will probably need the help of experts. You can try to create a website by yourself with a CMS (content management system) but for building complex apps and websites expertise is needed (especially if you want to build complex websites such as ecommerce websites).

.Define your needs first
When you want to build a website or an app you have to determine which features you want for your website.
Depending on your needs you will have to opt for specific website developers who code in specific programming languages.
For interactive websites such as social media for instance you will need PHP, ASP, JSP experts. For static websites, website developers who only know HTML, CSS and JS
will do it. Most of the developers are expert in some
specific programming languages and these are few real full-stack developers (developers who can carry out all kind of
programming projects).If you are not able to define which programming languages will be needed for your project you should consult an expert (a developer or someone who hires developers).
Once you know which kind of developers you will need for your project you will be able to begin the search properly.

Web developers are the engineers of the internet thus it is not cheap to hire them. In order to find developers that suit your budget you can look online for people who will lead your digital projects. These are many platforms for people who want to hire freelancers.

To hire website developers you have the possibility to post offers on Gollgi and to wait for relevant answers. This way you will be able to find the developers who meet your requirements regarding budgets and skills. These are nevertheless few things to check when you want to hire them:

  • Ask the developers to provide you a portfolio of their work. Make sure that they are able to carry out your projects properly.
  • Do not hire developers just because they are cheap. When you want quality you have to pay for it and this is true also when you want to hire freelancers.
  • Read about the knowledge required to carry out your projects. Most of the developers are expert in some specific programming languages and these are actually few real full-stack developers (developers who can carry out all kind of programming projects). For this reason you should make sure that the developers you want to hire are experts in the needed programming languages of your project.

Why should you prefer Gollgi than freelancing platforms ?

These are nowadays several websites which give you the possibility
to hire freelancers from all over the world and talents can be found in many countries.
(The main important websites are Freelancer and Upwork).
These websites are very useful when you need to hire freelancers but the commissions that they charged are high and some good developers have stopped working with these platforms because of the fees taken from their wages. In addition to the fees collected from the wages of the developers you have to pay fees for each transaction made on these websites. As a consequence it can be very expensive to hire freelancers via freelancing platforms. On Gollgi, you only pay 0,5 USD when you find the right candidate.