access control latest innovations, compare prices of access control companies

How to secure your facility with Access Control technologies

26 Dec 2016
access control latest innovations, compare prices of access control companies

Access control companies install monitoring systems for buildings, rooms and digital assets (websites, apps, intranet). Nowadays you need to secure not only your physical belongings but also virtual belongings such as your websites and databases, given that cyber security is becoming a growing issue. There are a few venues in your facility that should always be protected. New technologies have been recently developed to improve the security of facilities.  

Places that should be monitored

Parking security

All the venues located next to your facility should be secure. You can hire a car guard to ensure the safety of your parking. If you do not want to hire a car guard for the parking of your offices, you can install a number plate recognition to trigger opening of barriers and fences. It is a service provided by most of the access control companies. 


Building entrance access control

You can secure the front door of your facility with access control systems such as intercoms or keypads. As you might have noticed, they are the most popular security systems implemented at the entrance of offices. Keypads often work with codes, keyfobs or keycards.


Inside the office (rooms and premises):

Rooms and facilities inside your facility should be carefully protected since they constitute sensitive areas within which value is created. You can add electronic locks to your doors and provide your employees with keyfobs for keypads. There are also security systems that allow you to receive alerts when there is some activity in the office out of work hours.


Audits for the doors and individuals:

It is possible to set systems that detect failures of doors and who track the activity of the visitors of your offices. You can receive alerts when there are some suspicious activities thanks to sophisticated monitoring systems. Access control systems can be a good way to monitor employees attendance and also to figure out how many visitors you receive per day.


The latest innovations in Access Control Technologies

Most of the recent breakthroughs in access control occurred above all in the field of information security. Nonetheless, new technologies have been developed to secure facilities. For instance, wireless access control systems are now implemented by security firms to secure facilities.

.NFC (near-field communication) and Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth low energy, also called Bluetooth Smart).

These technologies will soon replace the access systems based on QR codes (matrix barcodes). These techniques can be used to access locked rooms with phones or to secure data on handsets with encryption. With the Bluetooth, a mobile phone can communicate with electronic locks.

Near field communication is a wireless technology that helps two devices to communicate with each other. The devices should be very close one to another so that NFC can work (less than 4 cm). Bluetooth LE has a longer range than NFC. It is also easier to implement this technology. This is one of the reasons why Bluetooth LE technology is often preferred to the NFC technology, but both have their advantages and drawbacks. A serious company of Access Control will be able to determine which one of these technologies will suit your facility.  

 .Latest innovations in the field of the physical security of offices, stores and homes. 

.Keyless facilities.

With the advent of wireless access control, it is now possible to settle keyless doors that can be opened with smartphones. Indeed, smartphones are more and more used as access control credentials. You can enjoy better control with wireless access control technologies since mobile keys can be sent to a smartphone at any time. This helps you monitor the comings and goings in your building. Moreover, it is an excellent way to save money. 

.4K security cameras

These cameras are considered as the most advanced security cameras nowadays. Images that they capture are very crisp (4K cameras have more pixels than the other cameras). These cameras are also praised for their high-end zooms. 4k security cameras will help you monitor any venue. 


If you need to enhance the protection of your facility, you should consult a professional security firm. You can request quotes on Gollgi and compare prices of access control companies. With Gollgi, you can secure your offices and your data at the best price.