shopfitting services

How to use shopfitting to increase sales

25 Dec 2016
shopfitting services

When shopfitting is well done, it can boost your sales. The design of your shop is the first thing that your usual and potential customers see. If you put the emphasis on shopfitting, you can increase your sales dramatically. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that your clients have a great buying experience in any case. Many shops witness a significant increase in sales following fittings made by skilled shopfitters. If you want to experience the same increase in sales, you can hire a reputed shopfitting company.

How to find the right shopfitting company?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that not all shopfitting companies provide all kinds of shopfitting services. Some businesses can be specialised in showcases others in display cabinets, shelving systems... Moreover, many companies are dedicated to particular sectors so you can easily narrow your search according to the specific services provided by potential shopfitting companies.

To choose potential shopfitters, you might also check their projects. Shopfitters have most of the time pictures of their previous projects online. Review the implementation of visual merchandising techniques in these projects and assess how these techniques can better the layout of your shop.

With Gollgi, you can find in one click shopfitting companies that can arrange your store. You do not have to browse several websites to receive multiple quotes. By filling a simple single-page form on our shopping search engine, you receive replies from shopfitters that are willing to handle your project, and you can even chat with them.


The main merchanding techniques that can boost your sales 

Implement simple displays

Your outlet should always be arranged in a way that allows your customers to find quickly what they want and without the help of employees. Simple displays will make your customers more likely to wander into your shop. 

Gather related products together

It is important to put your outlet in order. When you gather similar products together, it enhances the chances of the customer to find quickly what he or she is looking for.

Put the emphasis on offers

If you provide discounts on specific items, you should indicate it well with clear signs that will attract the attention of the customers.

Put your most beautiful items next to the entrance

Your best items should always be displayed in your showcases and other parts of your shop entrance. The most demanded items should also be close to the entrance of your store.

Provide as space as possible:

It is also crucial to give space to your customers. Many people tend to skip shops that look overloaded. Do not forget that your shop should always be accessible to clients with strollers or wheelchairs.