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UberPop is not legal in my country, what are my alternatives ?

25 Dec 2016
car rental, UberPop

Make money by renting your car online

You have nowadays several ways to earn money from your vehicle. Uber is one of the main breakthroughs in the field of urban transportation services; however, the service Uber pop which allows drivers without licenses to earn money from profit-ride services is not legal everywhere, so if you live in France, for instance, you are barred from using this facility. Indeed, in some countries, taxi services require licenses and UberPop replaced by Uber X are considered as such services in many countries. Moreover, some countries such as Italy and Spain banned UberPop for "unfair competition prices".

Countries like Hungary and Romania went the extra mile and totally banned all the services of Uber. Fortunately, even if you live in a country in which UberPop is banned these are still possibilities to make good money from your vehicle.

Here are the options that we have listed for you:

Car rental. Find a local renter for your car
If you do not use your car a lot, you can rent it to individuals. Several car rental platforms allow you to list your car to get it rented. More and more people rent their cars to cover the cost of the fuel or just to earn extra money.

If your vehicle is already listed in one of these peer-based car rental websites, you can still boost your announcements by getting registered on Gollgi. It is simple; you just have to fill a form about your car rental offer and we will find you potential renters who live next to your place. We help you to gain more exposure on the web to increase your chances to get your car rented at the price that you have set. Sometimes your announcement on websites can be hidden very quickly by new ads, above all if you have posted on a very popular website. When you put your bid on Gollgi, we find you potential renters, and we allow you to boost your offer several times.

Earn money from carpooling
Even if Uber X is a prohibited service in your country, you can still use Waze carpool. Waze carpool puts you in touch with people who are willing to make the same route than you. You can earn money from these rides, and it works pretty well. Be aware that you cannot set the price on Waze carpool, and that you are limited to two rides per day with this app. Waze sets the price, and you receive half of the amount that the gas will cost you for the ride.

In some countries, Uber pop is prohibited, but Uberpool is still available.You should check which services are legal and which services are banned in your country. In some countries UberX which has replaced UberPop is tolerated.

Find a buyer for your car
If you just want to get rid of your vehicle, you can list it on Gollgi and wait for bids from buyers who live in your area. You just have to fill a form, and we take care of the rest. Try it and let us know what you think about our service.