cheap used mobile phone

What should I check when I buy a used mobile phone ?

29 Dec 2016
cheap used mobile phone

Smartphones are valued items, thus it is normal to think a bit before buying a cheap used mobile phone from a stranger. Any buyer wants to be sure that he or she will buy an undamaged device, and there are definitely some ways to find a decent used smartphone at the lowest price.

Check if the mobile phone is not stolen

If you have thought to buy a cheap used mobile phone for sale online, you have to be careful. You do not have any guarantee that the smartphone that you are about to pay for is stolen or not, and you probably do not want to be in troubles because of a candid purchase that you have made online.

The odd of buying a stolen smartphone is high when you buy from a stranger online. If the rightful owner of the smartphone has reported his mobile phone as stolen via an application, you might not be able to use the device so forget about ordering a used smartphone online if you cannot check the device beforehand.

Please note that you can verify if a used smartphone has been reported as stolen thanks to the IMEI of the handset. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it is a number of 15 or 16 digits. You can ask this number from the seller. You can also check if the device has not been stolen by using a website such as Checkmend which allows checking reports of the device history (this website works for mobile phones used in the US, the UK and the EU only).

Check the performance of the phone beforehand

 It can be very annoying to buy a cell phone and to realise afterwards that it is damaged or unusable, as a consequence, you should always check beforehand the phone that you want to purchase.


Our buying guide for used mobile phone 


Buy from a local

First of all, we advise buyers to buy from locals. It is a bit risky to buy a second-hand mobile phone from somebody who lives far from you. If you are looking to purchase a cell phone, you simply have to fill a form with the requirements that you demand. We are in charge of finding some relevant sellers for you. If you select your city, we bring you only buyers who live in your area so that you can be able to check the device before buying it.

Verify if the smartphone is already unlocked or if it is compatible with your sim card

Some people forget to ask if the smartphone that they are about to buy is unlocked. It can be very annoying to pay for unlocking a phone that you have just bought. Most of the time when you buy from a local the mobile phone is already compatible with your sim card. This is another reason to buy a used smartphone from a specialty shop or somebody who lives in your area.

Meet the seller (in a public place) and check how much time it takes to load the phone

If it takes less than 2 hours, then you are fine. It does worth it to test the performance of the battery because you probably do not want to buy a new battery few weeks after that you acquire a phone.