sharing economy, rent a car

When sharing economy can help you rent a car in the UK

25 Dec 2016
sharing economy, rent a car

You have many options when you want to rent a car in the UK. You can manually rent a car in an agency, and you can also rent a car online. Nowadays, you have the possibility of renting cars from individuals via peer-to-peer car hire websites or classified ads websites.

Before that you rent a car in the UK you have to know few things.

Issues met when renting a car in the UK
If you are from the US, for instance, you have to bear in mind that fuel is more expensive in the UK. A litre is around 1.42 USD. You will also have to pay a congestion charge if you want to drive by the downtown of London. The congestion charge allows you to register the number plate of your car on a database. Unfortunately, you will hardly find a car rental company that will register the number plate for you during the day(s) of the lease. It is actually your responsibility, and it will cost you £11.50 per day. You can pay the fee via a website, by post, by phone or by SMS. If you do not pay the congestion charge, you will be fined. The penalty charge notice that you receive is 130 GBP, and if you fail to pay it within 28 days, the penalty will be set to 195 GBP. Please also note that many rental companies in the UK close early (around 6 PM) and only a few of them are open 24 hours a day. It can be annoying and stressful if it is important for you to take your time for returning the leased vehicle.

With this being said, if you still want to rent a car in the UK you should first look for quotes from agencies online and also from car rental comparison websites. Car pick-up is possible at all the airports of the UK, and these are also many pick-up locations close to rail stations.

Renting cars from individuals in the UK Renting cars from people is money-saving, and it is becoming trendy in the UK. Many platforms provide offers from individuals who rent their cars. The available cars on peer-to-peer car hire websites are insured. The insurance fee is, most of the time, taken from the payment made by the Renter. Renting a vehicle from an individual in the UK can be far cheaper than renting a car from a company. This is why we also allow you to find individuals who rent their vehicles. Contrary to the specialised websites we do not charge high commissions. We just match you with sellers, and we let you close a deal with the right one for free.