Europe car rental

Where to rent a car in Europe ?

25 Dec 2016
Europe car rental

When you go on a trip to Europe, it is quite easy to travel from one country to another with trains, planes and even buses but if you are not in a rush and if you have time to appreciate the landscapes of the continent you might want to rent a car. Renting a car in Europe is getting increasingly cheaper thanks to recent breakthroughs in Europe car rental.

In which countries should I rent a car in Europe?

If your budget is very limited, you should consider organising a trip in Eastern Europe. Europe car rental market is very competitive, but some countries are cheaper than others when you want to buy a car. In Western Europe, you can rent a car for less than 100 USD in countries such as Portugal, Spain and Ireland. You can easily find such deals on comparing websites. Renting a car in Eastern Europe can be much cheaper. However, renting a car in France or Germany will be over 70 USD per day in most of the cases. Before that you rush on offers in the cheap countries of Europe determine if they are not too much far from the places you want to visit.
Some companies go the extra mile and give you the opportunity to pay for a car rental across all the European continent. In general, it is a one-way travel and you have to decide beforehand in which city you will return the vehicle. Keep in mind that most of the time you will have additional fees for one way travels.

Should I rent a car from individuals?
Renting cars from individuals is possible in Europe. Several websites are specialised in this kind of car rental.These sites allow you to find cars everywhere in Europe at a good price. The cars on these websites are insured by huge and famous insurance companies and need to meet safety requirements to be listed online, so it does worth it to consider renting from European individuals.

Cool fact:
If you have an international or any European driving license, you can rent self-service cars in Paris. The town of Paris is leading a green revolution as the city now provides a public electric car rental system. You can now pick up an electric car at a station and pay with your credit card for each thirty minutes. Please note that for using this service you will need a valid ID.