Google vs Gollgi

Why Google still can’t beat Gollgi in its play ground?

23 Feb 2017
Google vs Gollgi

Why Google still can’t beat Gollgi in its play ground? Once you ……

Skimmed through search results it can be very exhausting task. Thousands of relevant and irrelevant search results appear for you to start the journey which we called: “La via dolorosa “or, the painful way to find the exact context of products/service of your choices.

Studies revealed some interesting findings:  50% of the consumers spend 75% of the purchasing=time=process to research on-line before buying.  78% of them are using Google in which they mostly see the first 5 line of the first page (3)and largely drive to click Google AdWords and not organic search results (2,3). All of that raise the immediate conclusion that search-engines are unable to predict truly intentions of choices, knowingly or unknowingly, benefiting the Clicking industry.  (Some built Artificial Intelligence assistance, contextually irrelevant intuition, mostly mistaken between stated of intentions and purchasing choices). After all, studies show that vast amount of clicking are fraudulent or mistakes, for the same reason search engines can’t stop and control 100% of the fraud, bot, unintentional, and mistakenly clicks (1,4). That is a fact!

Understanding complex buying decision Gollgi finds the equilibrium between price and efficiency in the actual distorted market.

Imagine you have a business of Ski Helmets. Your SEO (Search Engine optimization) built a costly web site, and spent money on the clicking advertising platform. In reality: customers who want to buy Motorcycle helmets or a Bicycle helmets both have a great chance to click on your advertising banner, causing an average loss of:  1.25US for each unwanted or mistakenly click.

The other option would be that you are at the gate asking the customers: “what helmet do you need? “. Once accepted as a Ski’s helmet request, click and send an offer. That what Gollgi do and that what Google can’t do. 100% of your targeted paid clicks are truly leads generation - impossible task for Google.

At Gollgi we decided that buyers should dictate the sales process. Once specified exactly the choice, Gollgi direct it to the relevant sellers. As a buyer, add the cost willing to pay, add photos from mobile to match the request or add pictures or PDF from the desk-top etc..  The offers organized in a dash-board easy to have a quick view of: The name of the seller-The seller consumer’s rates-The prices he agrees to sell-and a chat link to the seller.

Gollgi enables people and enterprises around the world to harness the power of finding products and services creating innovative solutions that make our lives more efficient. We transform information from companies, merchants, independent sellers and other sources into real-time market services that play a key role in how we acquiring, purchasing, and interact with one another in the market place. Empowering buyers and sellers decisions in a fair and trusted trade. It is a new threat to Google and an excited challenge to Gollgi where consumers will have to decide whether they dictate the process how to buy or been dictated what to buy.